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Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Most questions relate to account creation, passwords, login and deleting. Everything you should ever need we hope is on this page?

Password didn't arrive

You registered via the app and then nothing arrived in your inbox? 90% of the time when a member doesn't get their password information it will be in their junk / spam folder. If it isn't there then your email provider has deleted it. Some providers delete message they think are junk to save server space. We think this practice sucks as you will be loosing emails every month. The only solution is to use another email account, we recommend, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud. Providers we don't recommend are AOL, GMX, email and Breakthru.

Additionally we take a very dim view on people using disposable email accounts. You may get an account created but we will ban you in the future. We detect new disposable domains names every day. So do not use them!

48 hour rule

We automatically delete all new accounts that have not been confirmed after 48 hours. This is done to stop silly people signing up their friends without their permission. Some big name dating brands in the past have not done this, making a database of emails where users have not given their permission to be part of. This is disgusting and something we will never do.

How do I know if I have an account?

This is hard to find out by design! You will need to reset your password. If you get a reset link you have an account, if you get nothing you don't (but check junk). This is for privacy reasons. Again, other dating sites say, 'user not found' when you reset your password. This is a serious privacy breach. If you try and register with an email that has been used we don't warn you. Instead it creates an account if you're new or sends you a reset link if not. We really do think about your privacy. A friend cannot enter your address to test if you are a member or not.

Have I been banned?

We hope not, we hope you played by the rules. If you do get banned you will see a huge red screen when you login. You will only see it once and then all your data is erased.

Requesting your password

If you contact us asking for your password then we cannot tell you it. It's not that we are being difficult, it's just not possible. A company that can tell you your password is not storing it safely! Your password is encrypted. For example, this is what it may look like:


If your a geek like us this is really cool, if not then you don't need to worry about the details. To get your password you have to use the FORGOT DETAILS? option on the home page of the app. But if you want to work out the password from the encrypted string it will take you about 7,000 years of trial and error.

Deleting an account

You have to delete your account. Please don't email and ask us to do it. Anyone could email and ask for an account to be removed which would be a real issue for the genuine member. It's super simple, login to the app and select SETTINGS > DELETE ACCOUNT . If you cannot remember your password see the 'Requesting your password' section. We have more in depth Delete account information available.

Email alerts

You can opt-in and out of email alerts from within the ooOo® app via SETINGS > EMAIL ALERTS.