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Firstly, ooOo® is free to use. Many dating sites bend the truth with respect to 'free'. To us, it either is or isn't. You can join, use and set up dates without paying. In the future we will offer more feature for a paid subscription but you will still be able to message and arrange dates for free.

Simple setup

You can sign up and create an account in less than 120 seconds. If you do it faster then let us know! We know typing on an app is a pain in the **** so the only typing is your first name. Everything else is buttons and sliders.

Automatic picture cropping

The way our app works requires users to have a high quality picture of their face. You select or take a picture and the app does the rest. You can always update your picture at any time in the future if you wish.

Choose your favourite

We show you four people, you have to pick one. If they pick you then it's a match and you can message each other.

Fast messages / live chat

The message system uses some cool behind the scenes technology to be fast. If your on a train and go through a tunnel you can keep chatting. When you appear at the other end ooOo® puts all the messages back in the right order.

Slow connection support

Only have a 3G or EDGE connection? No problem! ooOo® is fast no matter how poor your connection is. You can lower picture quality and opt to reduce image updates. ooOo® even works when you loose your signal.

Slow phone support

If you have an iPhone 4/4s you will already know how painfully slow iOS 9 can be. We have worked hard to speed up the app for you. You can lower the message history count so chat remains responsive and all time consuming tasks are run in the background. We did special live user testing on an iPhone 4s 8GB. You do not need to upgrade to use ooOo®. Sorry Apple!


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There is no swiping with ooOo®. You pick the person you most want to date.

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Chat with your matches free of charge. Via our fast and reliable chat system.