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User safety

User safety is paramount to us. This starts within the app and ends when you meet a date in real life. All users of ooOo® must read this page.

Dedicated pictures

Your going to need a picture to use ooOo® and we recommend using a brand new picture that you have never used on an other dating or social networking site. Did you know that you can take an image and search for it via Google®? This will tell you all of the sites where the image has been previously used. This means anyone could find your Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin accounts without ever swapping a message with you. A picture never used before is much more secure.

Keep it in the app

Whilst you remain in the app your identity remains private. As soon as you leave the app to chat within WhatsApp / Skype / Kik your anonymity is no longer intact. If you keep it within ooOo® and later wish to delete a match they have no way to contact you again.

People will lie

It's normal for people to say they are a bit taller / slimmer / younger but there will be people who lie about everything. They may be after money, personal pictures or even just to have a virtual pretend online life. Liars make an lot of excuses so watch out for that. If you want to talk on the phone, their phone will be broken. If you want to meet on a webcam, they will be unsure how to use it. Real people are happy to talk and meet up.

Never send money / join a site

Scammers want to make money. They either tell you a lie and ask you for money or they ask you to join a site which they earn a commission. If anyone does this report it right away.

Meeting someone

When you meet someone offline, consider the following:
  • Meet in a public place
  • Use your own transport
  • Tell a friend what you're doing
  • Tell a friend when you get back
  • Ensure your mobile has credit / battery
  • Talk on the phone before hand
  • Talk on a webcam before hand

Technical safety

In the development of ooOo® we have worked hard to make a system that is as secure as possible. Dating sites can often be the target of cyber attacks in an attempt to steal the user database and sell it. We cannot guarantee that we will never be subject to an attack but here are some of the steps we have taken to keep data secure.

Minimal data
We don't collect unnecessary information from you.

Secure passwords
Your password is 'hashed' (one way encryption). This is done in such a way it would take a hacker years to reverse engineer it.

Self deleting accounts
If you register and don't use your account within 48 hours or not used your account for 3 years it deletes itself.

Self deleting messages
Messages are deleted after 30 days.

Further reading

Be sure to read our technical safety page for more detailed information.