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Terms and conditions

There are two sets of terms and conditions. The first is in respect of the website you are visiting now, the second are for the usage of the ooOo® app. We know everyone hates the small print so we have done our best to make our terms and conditions as simple and as clear as possible.

The website

dm³ LTD the company registered in the UK with number 6036262.

The Website, the site you are using now which is used to promote the ooOo® app.

ooOo® the app owned by dm³ for the purpose of online dating.

Copyright and trademarks
The Website is protected by copyright and trademark law. No part of The Website may be copied or reproduced without written permission from dm³ LTD.

Provision of service
dm³ LTD provides no guarantee of the uptime of The Website, longevity or data storage and may terminate or alter the service of The Website without warning.

Links to other sites that are not owned by dm³ LTD are used at the visitors own risk.

dm³ LTD, The Website and these terms and conditions operate the laws of England and Wales.

The ooOo® app