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Our cookie policy is super straight forward, we don't do any sneaky stuff like some unnamed others. We use cookies to save our servers getting bashed with repeated requests for stuff.

PHP Session ID:

This is a technical cookie. It's used to remember you as your move through the pages of the site. When you shut your browser it is deleted. Stuff it may do, includes; remembering what country you are from so we can show specific page content to you. It can also be used to remember language preferences.

3rd party cookies:

We also use one 3rd party system:

Google (analytics):
Google Analytics is used to track how many people visit our site. For details about this cookie please refer to Google for more information.

Don't like it?

We cannot turn either of these cookies off but you can of course set your browser to reject them. We hope after reading this page you feel satisfied and confident in our use of cookies and your personal privacy.