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Best halloween makeup for male attention

Every October a new batch of blog articles are published that have ideas for Halloween makeup. Some are too complex, others and just not very 'Halloween'. So we decided to find the definative answer to what is the best halloween makeup that will get you the most male attention.

Our experiment

We took one model, asked her to design and apply her own makeup to ensure the designs were possible at home. We asked her to create four typical halloween styles, blood sucking vampire, eye piercing ghost, sexy zombie and beautiful half skeleton. We then put the images in the ooOo® dating app and tracked how popular each design was with our single men. Men who interacted with the halloween profiles were also asked why they made their selection.

The designs

This is what the four scary profile pictures looked like:

Ghost halloween makeup
Vampire halloween makeup
Skeleton halloween makeup
Zombie hallowee nmakeup

As you can see from the designs there was a range of complexity. The Vampire and Ghost were relative simple to produce. The Zombie required more work as liquid latex was used to generate the scares and wounds. The Skeleton was the most complex as it involved a lot of fine details, especially around the mouth / teeth.

The results

After 8,762 votes here are the results:
  • 42%: Vampire
  • 21%: Skeleton
  • 19%: Ghost
  • 17%: Zombie

Halloween makeup profile pictures

In addition we asked the men why they made their selection. Here are some of the comments:

"Sex and mysterious"

"Spooky and menacing. Just what I like"
"She's cute!"

"Combination of halloween and natural is great"
"I really liked the technical aspects of this makeup"

"Always portrayed attractive and sexy in films and stories"
"Because I love my neck being kissed"
"Because female vampires are exotic yet frightening"


Of course the vampire is the clear winner with the largest bite of the vote and will get you the most attention. The vampire is also one of the simplest makeup styles to create. But you may also like to consider some of the other's depending on the type of guy you like. For example, Vampires are going to attract guys into fantasy. Skeletons will attract a more analytical mind, may be a scientist or engineer. You may consider the ghost if your already attractive as this will only add to your appeal and finally if you opt for the zombie we really don't know what type of man you will attract, just make sure you find one with good brains, or at least tasty ones!

Halloween Media (click to download)

ooOo halloween match
App screens 1
ooOo halloween profiles
App screens 2
vampire profile
Vampire profile
skeleton profile
Skeleton profile
ghost profile
Ghost profile
zombie profile
Zombie profile
vampire big
Vampire makeup
skeleton big
Skeleton makeup
ghost big
Ghost makeup
zombie big
Zombie makeup
Halloween images
All makeup designs

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