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Press kit for ooOo® dating app

  • Why should you write about us?
  • What makes us news worthy with so many dating apps on the market?
ooOo® is the work of one person. With today's business media such as Dragon's Den and the Apprentice (both of which are excellent programmes) entrepreneurs have become obsessed with funding and investment. This business is an example of what can be done with no funding. David Minns, the creator did all of the following with no investment and no dilution of the business.

Web design
App development
Server hardware
API middle-ware
Trademark registration

David learnt to develop iOS apps from watching YouTube videos and all other skills from reading books and would like your help to tell the world that you can start a technology business from your spare room with just the dedication and the willingness to learn. He would like to see more people doing this in the UK as it would help economic growth. David also questions why the UK doesn't have it's own Amazon, Google, Apple, Ebay, Paypal. We have some of the brightest minds in the world with very little online presence to show for it.

Media (click to download)

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David Minns
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Press releases

July 2016:
ooOo® has launched
[Download PDF 43KB]
ooOo® dating app has launched with a brand new matching system. ooOo® is different, gamerfied and fun.

September 2016:
ooOo® now available on Android + Web
[Download PDF 47KB]
ooOo® dating app on Android + web and sign up rates increase +340%.

All media and press releases on this page can be used without prior permission from dm³. If you need more information or would like a quote / interview from David Minns please contact us.