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ooOo® is the work of one person, so the credits page is a little repetitive but it highlights what can be done by an individual, no investors and a bit of hard work.
iOS development:           David Minns
API middleware:            David Minns
Server configuration:      David Minns
Trademark applications:    David Minns
Graphic design:            David Minns
Web page development:      David Minns
Marketing & PR:            David Minns

Screenshot members

A really big thank you to the ladies who agreed to make the screenshot image. Here's some information about them.

My wife. ooOo® took six months of coding and at the start it was a steep learning curve. I had never coded for iOS (Swift) and learnt it from scratch. She was there to support me everyday in addition to being a full time mum to our toddler, Cameron. She had to listen to me every day taking about functions, code, UI design, APIs and database optimisation. Thank you very much for putting up with my endless commentary and (occasional!) grumpiness which occurred if I could not get my head around some super detailed technical issue!

Founder of the UK Dating Awards and now Euro, US and more! Charly has been an advisor to Lord Sugar on the immensely popular BBC TV series, The Apprentice. If that's not enough she is also a dating blogger who writes for herself and many leading publications. You can read Charly's blog here: The 30 dates blog

A direct and confident blogger / writer who covers, sex, relationships and dating. Katy is well known for her 'no holds barred' approach to writing. Her work can be found on The Huffington Post and Metro publications. You can read her personal blog page here: Katy Horwood: All Sweetness and Life

A leading UK relationship blogger and coach. Laura's focus is on helping people recover from a break up of a previous relationship and enter a future one better prepared and with more confidence. You can find out more about Laura's blog and services here: Laura Yates: Break up coach and writer

Additionally I would like to thank Saskia, who was the photographer for the images of Laura, Charly and Katy. Saskia runs a photography business in London that specialises in online dating profile photos. ooOo® is an incredibly visual dating experience and your photo is one of the most important ingredients. Check out Saskia's business, Hey Saturday and boost your match rate overnight!